Mastermind on the Radix Network

8 numbers have been randomly selected in the range [1..99]. By sending queries to the wallet selected for the game interaction it is the objective to figure out the 8 numbers and their sequence.

A query to the game wallet should be a message containing precisely eight numbers. Example : [54 32 77 85 47 2 19 57] If the puzzle to solve is [83,32,48,34,11,29,57,2] your answer would be [3 / 1].
This indicates 3 counts of correct and 1 count of correctly placed numbers.

The response of your query will be published on this website under the GameStatus tab.


A bonus is granted if the state of the current best bonus answer is improved. There are 4 different occasions that are considered improvement.

1) The count of ‘correct’ is improved.

2) The count of ‘correct’ is equal, in addition the count of ‘placed’ is improved.

3) The count of ‘correct’ is equal, as addition this entry contains a correct puzzle number not shared before in combination with this correct count.

4) The puzzle is solved

Note: All possible points in a round are now rewarded! When a better state is submitted, all bypassed bonus points between the old and new shared state is your reward. Each round will now pay 72 * bonus points + 3 puzzle solve points for a total of 75 points in a single round.

All points accumulated will form a player ranking.

How To Play

The reply to messages will be subject to a cooldown period of 60 minutes. I.e. After a reply is send; processing and replying to a second query will be done when the 60 minutes cooldown has finished.
A third message in the queue will be subject to two times the cooldown period, etc, etc.

The processing will assume 8 numbers to be received, a different count of numbers in the message will result in a reply of [-1, -1]. Using one number twice in your answer or numbers outside [1..99] could result in something like [3 / -1]. This still indicates that 3 numbers are correct, but the placement indicates an invalid entry. The invalid answers will not be eligible for a bonus.