Can you handle Radix Delay?

Unfortunate the Radix Babylon launch is delayed :-(.
Delay is time and time is money. DELAY is now tokenized and can be won playing the mastermind game!

This game will be playable until the launch of Babylon, any additional delay in the launch will result in a longer gameplay. This is working out nicely as a win/win situation.

Play the game by sending your query to the following Radix account.


Sending at least 0.1 XRD or 1 DELAY with your query will result in a halving of the Cooldown period.
The game can also be played using encrypted messages at no extra costs, encryption will shield you query during your cooldown.
All processed query reponses will be public!

At the end of each round DELAY will be distributed based on the rounds ranking!
The winners will be any ranking players that accumulate and can handle Radix DELAY.
The pricepool will be a total of 5000 Radix token (XRD). The accumulatee tokens will be claimable on the Babylon network!

The ranking will be equal to the DELAY distribution that can be found here
Please visit and chat on Telegram